The Pleasant Qualities of Lavender

Sanya Walma
2 min readNov 21, 2020

It’s a scent many of us are familiar with, being used in a number of products we frequently enjoy. The fragrance of lavender has an almost universal appeal for its soft and distinct aroma. The calming effects of this plant are genuinely wholesome and for some may even be therapeutic. Adding a bit of lavender to your life may just help to put a little extra calmness and tranquility in your everyday wellness.

Why Is Lavender Helpful?

This lavender plant itself is actually quite powerful and can be useful in all kinds of ways. It’s long been a staple of simple home-made remedies, especially in situations where one wishes to de-stress. Many find it useful for relieving anxiety, and it has even been known to improve mood with its fragrance alone. Alleviating just a bit of negative tension can be a real comfort in times of high stress or in the busy hours of everyday life.

Blending Lavender Into Daily Life

As mentioned, there is no shortage of lavender imbued products around us. Along with the many things you could buy, there are also a number of ways of incorporating lavender into one’s daily habits.

For example, lavender makes an excellent addition in a number of teas. Alongside other ingredients like marigold, mint leaves, and sage, it blends quite well with most varieties of green tea.

You may also enjoy using it in seasonings along with thyme, basil, and other green herbs. Adding a sprinkling to your salad, soup, or even roasted chicken adds a distinct and vibrant flavor to your dish.

Aside from simply ingesting it, you might also enjoy simply keeping it around the house. Lavender plants can make a beautiful addition to any windowsill or home-garden. Not only can this help brighten up the room, but it also lends its scent to the air as well. Growing it yourself also means you’ll have a fresh supply to use as you desire.

Lavender also makes an excellent addition to CBD oil. The combined effects of CBD and lavender offer a pleasant way of relieving stress and promoting better well-being when taken with your favorite food or drinks.

Scents may be a simple pleasure, but they can be a powerful influencer over our moods and perceptions. Using your favorite scents to your advantage, be it lavender, sage, pumpkin spice, or peppermint can be a fantastic way to add a little beauty into your daily life.

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